Expert Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care in Star, ID

Welcome to Peak Chiropractic in Star, ID. Our dedicated chiropractors, Dr. Jonathan Finney and Dr. Kyara Finney, provide personalized upper cervical chiropractic care to enhance your health and well-being. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or other health issues, our specialized treatments can help you achieve lasting relief.

Specialized Upper Cervical Chiropractic Services in Star

At Peak Chiropractic, we offer a variety of upper cervical chiropractic services tailored to meet your unique health needs. Our services include:

  • Upper Cervical Adjustments: Precision adjustments to correct misalignments in the upper spine.
  • Webster Technique: Specialized chiropractic care for pregnant women.
  • CBCT 3D Imaging: Advanced diagnostic tools for precise evaluation and treatment planning.
  • Nervous System Health Assessments: In-depth testing to evaluate and improve nervous system function.

Discover how our expert services in Star can help you achieve optimal health.

Chiropractor performing an upper cervical adjustment at Peak Chiropractic in Star, ID

Comprehensive Treatment for Various Conditions

At Peak Chiropractic, we treat a variety of conditions with our upper cervical chiropractic care. Our approach ensures that we target the root cause of your issues for effective, long-lasting relief. Conditions we commonly treat include:

  • Chronic Migraines: Reduce the frequency and severity of migraines with specialized adjustments.
  • Fibromyalgia: Manage widespread pain and fatigue through comprehensive chiropractic care.
  • Balance Disorders: Improve stability and prevent falls with targeted treatments.
  • TMJ Disorders: Relieve jaw pain and improve function with precise adjustments.
  • Neck Disorders: Address pain, stiffness, and other neck issues with customized chiropractic techniques.
  • Nerve Disorders: Enhance nerve function and alleviate related conditions through upper cervical care.

Our goal is to help you achieve better health and a higher quality of life.

Chiropractor conducting a diagnostic assessment in Star, ID

Alleviating Symptoms with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Our upper cervical chiropractic care in Star is designed to address and alleviate a range of symptoms, providing you with the relief you need. Common symptoms we treat include:

  • Headaches and Migraines: Reduce the severity and frequency of headaches with targeted adjustments.
  • Neck Pain and Tension: Relieve chronic neck pain and improve mobility.
  • Jaw Pain and TMJ Issues: Address jaw discomfort and dysfunction with specialized care.
  • Dizziness and Balance Problems: Enhance balance and reduce dizziness with focused adjustments.

If you're struggling with any of these symptoms, our chiropractic care can offer the relief you’ve been searching for.

Patient receiving a neck adjustment at Peak Chiropractic in Star, ID

Start Your Journey to Natural Relief in Star

Take control of your health and find natural, non-invasive relief from your chronic pain and discomfort. At Peak Chiropractic in Star, we provide personalized care to meet your unique needs, ensuring effective and gentle treatments.

Get in Touch:

  • Phone: (208) 901-0327
  • Address: 4483 N Dresden Pl #103, Garden City, ID 83714
  • Hours:
    • Monday – Wednesday: 9:00am - 1:00pm, 3:00pm - 6:00pm
    • Thursday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
    • Friday – Sunday: Closed

Schedule your consultation with Peak Chiropractic today and embark on your journey to better health.

Friendly staff at Peak Chiropractic welcoming a new patient in Star, ID

Patient Ratings & Stories

Hear what our patients have to say about their experience at Boise Peak Chiropractic in their online reviews.



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3 Reviews

Dec 16, 2023
I am personally scared of being twisted and popped and that’s not part of their practice.
Peak Chiropractic is an amazing place. Jon and Kierra are very knowledgeable and friendly! They take the time to explain everything and make sure you’re well taken care of. They specialize in starting at the root of the cause and not over doing it. I am personally scared of being twisted and popped and that’s not part of their practice. They made me feel very comfortable and the recovery room is very comforting after the adjustment. I highly recommend Peak!

William S.

Meridian, ID

Mar 10, 2024
They are so amazing and caring. Spend time to explain any questions and make sure you are super comfortable with everything.
I have been seeing Jonathan for several weeks now. I came in because of dizziness and headaches. Which I am so happy to say that I am seeing improvement on both. They are so amazing and caring. Spend time to explain any questions and make sure you are super comfortable with everything. I highly recommend everyone to go see them. I know I’m glad I am.

Bobbie Jo A.

Star, ID

Jul 1, 2024
I will never go anywhere else
I highly recommend this chiropractor. I was hesitant to see a chiropractor because I had broken my back when I was younger and hate adjustments. That being said, I will never go anywhere else. I trust and feel comfortable here. The entire environment is comfortable and every person I talked to here was so personable and nice. Like I said, I highly recommend going here!

Johnny S.

Boise, ID

Jan 8, 2024
Was able to stand up straight for the first time in years, hip discomfort and shoulder pain were immediately relieved
After trying chiropractic treatments and months of physical therapy that produced little to no results we had about given up on the medical field. Fortunately Connie found Peak Chiropractic! After her first adjustment she had amazing results, she was able to stand up straight for the first time in years, hip discomfort and shoulder pain were immediately relieved which led me to quickly make an appointment. Range of motion in my neck was pretty much non-existent and after my first adjustment was tremendously improved! Connie and I both continue to see great improvements in our overall health and are amazed at our progress. It is definitely a journey well worth taking. Drs. John and Kyara are both very knowledgeable and professional with the added bonus of being wonderful and caring people, their passion to help is very evident in everything they do. Highly recommended, it is a life changing experience!

Mike & Connie S.

Caldwell, ID

Boise Peak Chiropractic

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Experience specialized upper cervical chiropractic care at Boise Peak Chiropractic. Our Boise clinic is dedicated to providing top-quality treatments to help you achieve optimal health.



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