Dr. Jonathan Finney

Dr. Jonathan Finney: Leading Boise UCC Specialist

Meet Dr. Jonathan Finney, a leading chiropractor at Boise Peak Chiropractic in Garden City, ID. Learn about his expertise in upper cervical care and commitment to patient health.

Dr. Jonathan Finney's Background and Expertise

Dr. Jonathan Finney is a highly experienced chiropractor with a strong educational background and numerous certifications in the field. Having obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from a renowned institution, Dr. Finney has honed his skills and knowledge in chiropractic care. His ongoing professional development has led to multiple certifications, demonstrating his expertise in specialized techniques. He has compassionately aided countless patients in achieving optimal health through personalized chiropractic treatments tailored to their needs.

Dr. Jonathan Finney - Boise Certified Chiropractor
Dr. Jonathan Finney - Boise Certified Chiropractor

Dr. Jonathan Finney's Background

Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport graduate Dr. Jonathan Finney has been practicing Upper Cervical Chiropractic since 2021. He was the president of the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Club at Palmer College of Chiropractic (2018-2020). He is certified in Advanced HIO Knee Chest Upper Cervical technique and even practiced under the founder of the technique, Dr. Steven Simmons in Midland, MI. 

Patients of Dr. Finney seek his care and get phenomenal results with various conditions such as Migraine Headaches, Vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, Seizures, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Neck Pain, and Back Pain. Dr. Finney has a passion for working with patients with these various neurological disorders because conditions like this brought him to Chiropractic and Chiropractic is what helped change his life for the better. As a child growing up Dr. Finney was often sick, even held back in Kindergarten for missing too many days of school due to illnesses. As a young teenager, Dr. Finney dealt with Migraine Headaches to the point they inhibited his ability to function. It wasn’t until he received Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care that helped his body healed and eliminate Migraines from his life. Since then, Dr. Finney has dedicated his life’s work to working with people in the same capacity that he helped to give them a life of hope and the ability to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Finney enjoys his time with his wife who is his partner in life and practice, Dr. Kyara Finney, and their two dogs, Duke and Nelly. He is a fitness enthusiast that spends many early mornings at the CrossFit Gym and is an extreme outdoors activist who loves hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

My Health Story - Dr. Jonathan Finney

I suffered from migraines and had a chronically impaired immune system which made me miss too many days of school. I ended up being held back a year and was living on ibuprofen at the age of 14 until my mother happened to start cleaning the house of an upper cervical chiropractor back in Michigan. 

After starting care, my immune system seemed to get stronger, and my migraines went away completely. I can literally say I haven’t had a migraine since; I have had the odd headache come up when I’ve needed to be adjusted, however I have NOT had a migraine since my first adjustment. As I’ve continued with upper cervical chiropractic care I rarely get sick, my seasonal allergies that used to be so bad I couldn’t do anything outside in the months of May or June have gone away. I contribute all the health improvements I’ve received to upper cervical chiropractic care and will be eternally grateful for being introduced to it.  

I felt so strongly about how this care affected me, that I felt the need to pursue it as a profession to share the same beliefs that the body can heal.

Learning more and more about upper cervical chiropractic and the understanding us chiropractors have about the body it just made sense. The human body was designed to be healthy and when there is interference present in the nervous system it can manifest in a plethora of symptoms and conditions. Removing the cause of that interference, allowing the body to communicate from brain to body optimally allows us to function how we were designed to function. 

Peak Chiropractic Drs. Jonathan and Kyara Finney - Boise Certified Chiropractors

Patient Ratings & Stories

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Jan 8, 2024
Was able to stand up straight for the first time in years, hip discomfort and shoulder pain were immediately relieved
After trying chiropractic treatments and months of physical therapy that produced little to no results we had about given up on the medical field. Fortunately Connie found Peak Chiropractic! After her first adjustment she had amazing results, she was able to stand up straight for the first time in years, hip discomfort and shoulder pain were immediately relieved which led me to quickly make an appointment. Range of motion in my neck was pretty much non-existent and after my first adjustment was tremendously improved! Connie and I both continue to see great improvements in our overall health and are amazed at our progress. It is definitely a journey well worth taking. Drs. John and Kyara are both very knowledgeable and professional with the added bonus of being wonderful and caring people, their passion to help is very evident in everything they do. Highly recommended, it is a life changing experience!

Mike & Connie S.

Caldwell, ID

Jul 16, 2023
Anyone searching for specific, analyzed, chiropractic care needs to visit this clinic!
Phenomenal customer experience delivered by Peak Chiropractic and Dr. Finney. Amazing atmosphere from entering the office to resting after the adjustment. Anyone searching for specific, analyzed, chiropractic care needs to visit this clinic!

Mitch G.

Eagle, ID

Mar 14, 2024
I haven’t had a single symptom since the adjustment!
I was working in Boise and seen an ad for Peak Chiropractic, I suffered with migraines, vertigo and severe nerve pain in my shoulders for 15+ years and thought it was something I was just going to live with. After an informative consultation then some 3-D imaging, a severe misalignment was found in my upper cervical area. Dr. Johnathon Finney made one adjustment before I had to go back home to Kentucky and it changed my life! I haven’t had a single symptom since the adjustment! AND he found a doctor near my home town that he went to school with and shared my files so I can have care when I am home and when I am in Boise for work! I cannot thank Dr. Johnathon enough for giving me my life back and think everyone needs to experience what Peak Chiropractic and their upper cervical care can do for them!

Bradley H.

Boise, ID

Dec 16, 2023
I am personally scared of being twisted and popped and that’s not part of their practice.
Peak Chiropractic is an amazing place. Jon and Kierra are very knowledgeable and friendly! They take the time to explain everything and make sure you’re well taken care of. They specialize in starting at the root of the cause and not over doing it. I am personally scared of being twisted and popped and that’s not part of their practice. They made me feel very comfortable and the recovery room is very comforting after the adjustment. I highly recommend Peak!

William S.

Meridian, ID

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